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What We Do

Welcome to the website for the Avery County Missional Network.
Hundreds of children in the Avery County school system depend on a reduced or free school lunch each day of the week during the school year for their basic nutritional needs; the weekends sadly offer a very different story! 

Social workers and school counselors tell us there are over two hundred and eighty (280) at risk children who are "food insecure" and get very little or nothing to eat when they go home for the weekend.  

Manna Foodbank out of Asheville does offer a "Manna Pack" of food equivalent to 1 or 2 meals for the target group of children.
We work closely with Manna to SUPPLEMENT the food each week to provide an additional 5 to 6 meals each weekend.
(We are not directly affiliated with Manna Foodbank although we are in the application process to become an associate. We are not affiliated with any of the other Hunger prevention organizations in Avery County.)
Would you help us?

The Avery County Missional Network (ACMN) is reaching out to churches, businesses, and individuals to join together in providing nutritious food for these children in Weekend Backpacks.

Each week we purchase food at discount prices and have it delivered to our sorting and packing facility. We pack the backpacks (generally on Thursday) and then deliver them (generally on Friday) to the schools being served.  We pick up the backpacks on Thursday and start the cycle again.

We are able to provide this greatly needed service only by financial support from churches, individuals, and businesses in the community.  @

How You Can Help 

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