Avery County Missional Network

Join with Us!

There are three (3) ways you can assist us.
1. Prayerfully
2. Financially
3. Physically

In order to provide the children with needed nutrition each week all of the above are required.
 We know that everyone may not necessarily be able or even willing to do all three however, anyone can do at least one!

We do seek people who will donate financially to help us purchase the food as grant money only goes so far.
We do need people to help us pick up the food, pack the bags, and deliver the bags to the schools.

What is the cost to feed a child?
Currently the funding need to feed a child for the school year (39 weeks) is about $205 or about $5.00 per weekend. We are continually looking for avenues to reduce the cost. 

Who can sponsor a child? 
Individuals, businesses, church groups, civic groups, Sunday school classes, families, anyone can support a child.

Can you bring food or is it best to donate financially?
In order to provide a consistent menu and to get the best prices we purchase in large quantities, so we only accept financial donations.

If you have access to a large quantity of a particular food item to donate please contact us to discuss this.

Donate to the Cause:
Please mail all tax deductible donations (check or money order) to:
ACMN/Linville UMC
P O Box 94
Linville, NC 28646

Please note in the memo line:
"ACMN - Backpack"

Donate Online with a Credit or Debit Card
(we have virtually no administrative costs, however we do pay a fee to the credit card companies for all online donations

Make a Monthly Recurring Donation or a One Time Donation!

 Choose the Amount  you would like to donate!
Make this a "monthly recurring" donation or choose a single amount to donate.


Shop online at our Online Web Shopping Portal and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Back Pack Program!

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Other Donation Options:
$1000  Donation

$500 Donation

$250 Donation

$200 Donation

$150 Donation

$100 Donation

$50 Donation

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